First HOA Meeting

First HOA Meeting

We are happy to announce that our first Home Owners Association meeting was held at the Salem Methodist Church on Saturday, October 28th and that it went very well.

Initially, we were only going to elect one board member but instead, decided on two great candidates. This is primarily due to the extremely fast pace of development and we want to be able to keep up with an increasing demand for your voice to be heard.

To fairly represent you and the expectations set in our community, we elected one member who lives in a Bunting home and one who lives in a Ryan home. This creates a committee without bias when it comes to assessing the decisions being made which may, after all, directly impact your quality of life and value of your newly owned property.

After the members were chosen, the meeting was then opened up to homeowners to ask questions, whether it be about past or future development questions, to our developers in which they received prompt and direct answers. This lasted about two hours and we were really able to get a feel for what our community is about.

These meetings will be held periodically for all members. We will discuss and vote on major issues, such as the coming year’s budget and election of new or replacement directors. Any rules or updates discussed during the meeting must be followed by all community members even if some are not present.

We are looking forward to having more of these meetings in order to keep things running smoothly here at Lighthouse Lakes. Thank you to everyone who came out to participate! We will keep you posted on a date and time for our next HOA meeting.