Breaking Ground at Lighthouse Lakes

Breaking Ground at Lighthouse Lakes

Lighthouse Lakes Clubhouse in Progress: Construction Happening Now

We are very proud to announce that the construction of our clubhouse is now underway!

This is the first phase of construction on the 4000 square foot facility, which will offer a wide variety of amenities to our residents. Some of which include a spacious lounge area, well equipped fitness center and yoga studio, luxurious catering kitchen, sports bar, and card room.

For those who prefer outdoor activities we are building a lovely tennis court and a newly installed putting green on our property as well.

Our large swimming pool will extend from one end of our facility to the other, incorporating a children’s splash zone so that everyone can join in on the fun to be had within the Lighthouse Lakes Community!

Our goal is to provide current and potential residents of Lighthouse Lakes with a place to unwind, hangout, spend time with relatives and friends, or enjoy a sunny afternoon outdoors. Whether you’re sitting in a lounge chair by the pool, under the gazebo, around our stone fire pit, or enjoying one of the many amenities offered, we are sure that your time spent here will be relaxing.

Overlooking a lake and various greenery, this is what the clubhouse is projected to look like. There will be plenty of seating no matter where you decide to set up shop for the day, even if it’s in the pool on one of our hybrid lounge chairs! The fire pit, play areas, and grilling station are all set up within the same vicinity so that you can keep tabs on everything going on right from one relaxing spot.

We anticipate that the grand opening of the clubhouse is to be by next Memorial Day and our plan is to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in every way!