New Low Interest Rates in Delaware

Eastern Shore Planned Community low rates

New Low Interest Rates in Delaware

If you’re like many other potential home owners who have been considering a new home, but you’ve been hesitating because of economic uncertainty, we have good news for you. Interest rates are now being offered at historical lows in the state of Delaware and most lenders are offering interest rates as low as 3.375%. Our sales teams at The Refuge and Lighthouse Lakes are happy to assist you with, not only selecting the perfect home and amenities, but also the perfect home at the best possible rates.

Interesting Mortgage Rate Facts:

  1. Different lenders charge different fees: Don’t expect every lender to charge the same fees for a mortgage loan. Every lender structures their fees differently, which is why it is important to shop with at least 3 lenders to compare.
  2. Good credit allows you to get better mortgage rates: Good credit scores mean a better rate in any type of loan, especially a mortgage loan. Your credit heavily impacts the type mortgage loan you will qualify for. To maintain a good credit report, make sure you monitor it closely.
  3. Your middle credit score matters: When you apply for a mortgage loan, the lender will pull your credit scores from three credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax and Experian) to help them determine if you are credit worthy. Your middle score of the three is what lenders will use for loan qualification. However, the underwrite will review all three scores as part of the loan underwriting process.


Lighthouse Lakes is all that you could ask for in the coastal region of Southern Delaware. The Clubhouse at Lighthouse Lakes, once complete, will provide all homeowners with a spacious Yoga Studio, State of the Art Gym, Small Bar and Full Kitchen, Lounge Area, Card Room, Putting Green, and Tennis Court. The vast selection of models to choose from begin at 1750 square feet and only grow from there, providing you with many options including whether to downsize or to expand your living space. Allow our team of experts to help guide you through a seamless home buying process.

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